Welcome to the Carbon Market!


" Where you and your hard-earned gems are soon parted "


The Carbon Market will open on Saturday morning after the end of your bonus round.

Text GEMS anytime to find out how many gems you have earned altogether. This is your budget.

Then, text us the Code Word for each item that you want to buy. One code word per text please -- just send multiple texts if you want to buy multiple things or multiples of the same thing!




Round CrownTheCrowd Stickers

Perfect for bragging, sparking conversations, or decorating your stuff. Think bike, laptop, notebook…

  • White 1.5" round sticker with logo and text: 10 gems, text RNDSTICK

Square CrownTheCrowd Stickers

Just a little something to remind you of what was in your Carbon Bootcamp boxes and trigger your brain to keep up your great new habits. Stick it somewhere creative and send us a pic to show off! 

  • White/brown 2" square sticker with logo: 20 gems, text SQSTICK

Mini CrownTheCrowd Stickers

Perfect for sticking anywhere where you want a quick reminder of low-carbon habits. Think washing machine, bike, thermostat, fridge…

  • Sheet of 6 square 0.9" logo stickers in assorted colors: 30 gems, text SMSTICK

Not-For-Driving Socks

Love the socks? Gift some socks to a friend! Or just get another pair for your own happy feet! Twice the socks means twice the low-carbon trips!

  • Size M 5-9 or W 6-10: 150 gems, text SMSOCKS

  • Size M 9-13 or W 10-14: 150 gems, text LXLSOCKS



Cricket Protein Energy Bar

Want to get creative with your low-carbon-footprint protein choices? Try crickets! Learn more about how alternative foods might be part of the climate solution here. Here’s a low-key way to give it a try!

  • EXO Cricket Powder Bar: 60 gems, text CRICKET

Shower Timer

Up for the challenge of keeping your showers under 5 minutes long term? Amazing! Get a simple 5 minute timer to help keep you on track! 

  • 5 minute sand hourglass timer: 60 gems, text TIMER.

Produce Sacks

Love those Earthwise produce sacks? You can get another set for all your low-carbon footprint grocery needs!

  • Set of 3 produce sacks: 80 gems, text SACKS.

Linedry Laundry Starter Kit! 

We heard from several of you that you wanted to try air drying your laundry but didn’t quite know how to get started. This clothesline has hooks so that you can wrap it around anything you like (e.g., trees, fences, kitchen cabinet doors), and little dividers all along its length so that you can use hangers instead of clothes pins.  Give it a try!

  • 16-foot clothesline: 100 gems, text CLOTHESLINE

Power Energy Meter

Give the gift of power monitoring! Makes a perfect Labor Day (September 2) gift to put your friends to work on solving climate change... Or is it a Halloween gift (October 31) to warn them of what might happen if we don't act?

  • BN-LINK Power Energy Meter: 150 gems, text METER



TerraPass Carbon Offsets

Reducing your carbon footprint is best, but offsetting what you cannot eliminate is also great. We will purchase offsets on your behalf through TerraPass.

  • Offset 5 lb of CO2e: 1 gem, text OFFSET5

  • Offset 20 lb of CO2e: 4 gems, text OFFSET20

  • Offset 100 lb of CO2e : 20 gems, text OFFSET100

  • Offset 500 lb of CO2e: 100 gems, text OFFSET500