Rebates for home upgrades that limit climate change 

PALO ALTO (not valid for the remainder of SANTA CLARA COUNTY)

City of Palo Alto Home Efficiency Genie

  • $1000 rebate (which makes it FREE) on house call to assess opportunities for energy and water savings


City of Palo Alto SMART Energy Rebate Program


Sacred Heart Community Energy Service

  • FREE house call from energy specialists to assess energy saving opportunities

  • FREE energy efficiency upgrades, including the possibility to replace bigger ticket items such as major appliances and doing upgrades such as insulation

  • Income of participants must be below specific limits



  • $17.50 rebate on TP-LINK Smart Plug With Energy Monitoring HS-110

  • The fine print: Because Palo Alto’s electricity provider is not PG&E, once you sign up you will click “skip” on the page that asks you to connect to your PG&E account, then click on “Get my plug” on the next page to get a smart plug ($35 value) for $17.50

  • You unfortunately will not be able to have the remaining $17.50 reimbursed, because you will not be able to connect the plug to your OhmConnect account via PG&E

  • You also will not be able to earn money for saving electricity during peak hours, but you will receive notifications of when they occur, so you can still opt to cut down your power usage during times when dirtier power plants come online

  • OhmConnect has provided us with a flyer with more information about their service, which we are including in your box as well